Monday, March 19, 2007

Scaphites renamed

I just got a copy of this paper:

Cooper, M. R., 1994, Towards a phylogenetic classification of the Cretaceous ammonites III, Scaphitaceae: Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Abhandlungen, 193 (2), 165-193.

referenced from Cobban, W.A., Walaszczyk, Ireneusz, Obradovich, J.D., and McKinney, K.C., 2006, A USGS zonal table for the Upper Cretaceous middle Cenomanian−Maastrichtian of the Western Interior of the United States based on ammonites, inoceramids, and radiometric ages: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2006-1250, 45 p.

I cant figure out why Cobban et. al. only noted the new genera Cooper proposed. It seems to me to note them is to accept them.

I think I will change them on the website when I get some time. The changes would be as follows:

The species carlislensis, warreni, ferronensis and whitfieldi will be referred to Coloradoscaphites.

Pteroscaphites is unchanged

The species preventricosus and impendicostatus will be referred to Anascaphites

The species depressus will be referred to Clioscaphites

The species vermiformis will be referred to Billcobbanoceras

The species uintensis, frontierensis and hippocrepis will stay in Scaphites

And the species praespiniger will stay in Trachyscaphites.

The species binneyi and tetonensis really dont fit in Anascaphites or Billcobbanoceras, Cooper placed them both in Anascaphites tentatively, they seem to be more like the later except the hook dont touch the phragmocone.

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