Tuesday, March 20, 2007


In the Anasibirites beds of the Confusion Range is a serpenticone ammonoid I refer to Wyomingites. I cannot see any constrictions on the early whorls (maybe just an artifact of preservation) so I am hesitant to refer it to Xenoceltites. Boreoceras, as figured by Dagys 1999, and the fossils in the Confusion Range look to be congeneric if not conspecific. However, the name Boreoceras is preoccupied by an Ordovician endocerid. So I guess I will keep it referred to Wyomingites until I get the whole thing clarified.

Reference: Dagys, A., 1999, Evolution of the Family Sibiritidae and Detailed Biostratigraphy of the Siberian Upper Olenekian (Triassic), in Advancing Research on Living and Fossil Cephalopods, ed. F. Olóriz and F. Rodriguez-Tovar, 109-123. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Press.

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