Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Museum in Green River, Utah

 The Mancos Shale exhibit at the John Wesley Powell River History Museum in Green River Utah, is now open.  Along with a couple of dinosaurs and other murals, it is a very nice addition to the museum.  In the distance on the right you can see the ammonite I found and posted about back in this post, and after it was prepared in this post.

Here is a view of the specimen with the mural behind it.

  And the sign telling about the collection and preparation. 

And a few of the other ammonites I donated (the six on the left).  And more of the large mural behind it, unfortunately showing a wounded scaphite, or is that just the leftovers of a large marine reptile it just finished eating. ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For a cold, snowy, December day

San Rafael River cutting through the Swell

Just to remember those hot days of summer and early fall in the desert.  The Sinbad Formation of the Thaynes Group slopes down to river level on the left, bleached rocks of the Moenkopi Group up to the maroon Chinle Formation on the slopes of Assembly Hall Peak, with a cap of Wingate Sandstone, and Kayenta and Navajo above that on the cliffs beyond.  The leaves of the Fremont Cottonwoods just starting to foretell the cold and snow of today.