Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rudolftruempyiceras Guex & Bylund 2010

The name Boreoceras Dagys & Ermakova (1988), has been replaced with Rudolftruempyiceras Guex & Bylund 2010, Family Columbitidae, see Guex, J., Hungerbuhler, A., Jenks, J., O’Dogherty, L., Atudorei, V., Taylor, D., Bucher, H., Bartolini, A., 2010, Spathian (Lower Triassic) Ammonoids from Western USA (Idaho, California, Utah and Nevada), Memoire de Geologie (Lausanne), No. 49, on page 29. The name Boreoceras is used for an Ordovician Endocerid Nautiloid by Miller & Youngquist (1947). The ammonoids in this old post and this update, will probably be referred to Xenoceltites and not the new genus.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cephalopods - Present and Past

Cephalopods - Present and Past:

Stephen, D.A., Bylund, K.G., Bybee, P.J. and Ream, W.J.: Ammonoid beds in the Lower Triassic Thaynes Formation of western Utah, USA, p. 243-252

In the 20 years since I located the Triassic fossil bearing beds in the Confusion Range of western Utah, I have only co-authored papers on sponges and gastropods. Now, a paper on the Ammonoids. The first of many I hope.